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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our team of dentists In Agra focus on providing exceptional dental care to all the residents of Agra and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    Services Offered At Ujala Cygnus Hospital Agra

    Our doctors provide treatments for a wide range of health problems.

    • Root Canal Treatment (Rct)
    • Dental Implants (Single And Full Mouth )
    • Computer Guided Fixed Teeth
    • Crowns And Bridge (3m Cad Cam)
    • Complete Flexible Dentures (Valplast)
    • Tooth Colored Fillings
    • Smile Analysis And Designing (Laminates And Veneers)
    • Orthodontic Treatment
    • Lingual Braces And Invisible Braces
    • Dental Trauma Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeries
    • Scaling (Tooth Cleaning)
    • Bleaching For Discolored Yellow And Brown Teeth
    • Flap Surgeries
    • Bone Grafting For Mobile Teeth
    • Mucogingival Surgeries
    • Cosmetic Dentistry
    • Painless Tooth Removal Surgical Extractions
    • Digital X Ray

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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

    Ayushmaan Bharat
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    Chandan Kumar
    I have always been reluctant to visit dentists for some reason. Therefore, when I needed an implant, I wanted to get it from the best dentist in Agra. So we went to Ujala Cygnus looking for the same. They understood my concern and did their best. I am satisfied with the overall treatment.
    Kishori Patil
    Looking for the best dental clinic in Agra was tough, but we, fortunately, came across Ujala Cygnus Hospital in time. We found out that the dentist we wanted to get the treatment from visits there. It was a very convenient and smooth flow of treatment.
    Faisal Akhtar
    If you have tried looking for the top 10 dentists in Agra, you know it is not a piece of cake. There are many choices, but shortlisting is challenging. I would recommend saving time by visiting Ujala Cygnus once. Based on my personal experience, they have some of the known names working with them and providing the best treatment.
    Dimple Khanna
    Ujala Cygnus was our first choice to get my dental surgery done. We knew that the dentists there were among the top dentists in Agra. The staff was very supportive throughout my surgery and post that as well. Very satisfied.
    Mary Jacob
    Since I was new in Agra when I needed to visit a dentist, I searched online for ‘dentist in Agra near me’. Ujala Cygnus Hospital popped up in the search, and I had seen it while touring the city. Thus, I visited a dentist there for consultation. The staff and doctors are amicable and knowledgeable. Moreover, despite being a foreigner, they provided me with the necessary and affordable treatment.
    Sagar Singh
    While searching for the best teeth doctor in Agra, my brother suggested that I visit Ujala Cygnus once. So I took it up, and I am happy that I did. I am delighted with the hospital’s overall treatment process and environment. I would recommend Ujala Cygnus hospital to anyone who is in need.
    Heena Khan
    I found out that the teeth doctor in Agra, suggested by my friend, works at Ujala Cygnus Hospital. I was happy because the hospital is near to my place. The overall experience with the consultation and treatment was good. The doctor is very friendly, and the hospital is affordable considering the best quality treatment they provide.
    Dinesh Jain
    Ujala clinic has the top dentist in Agra. The dentist and his staff were amazing, they got me in very quickly and really gave me a nice personal experience. Would definitely recommend!
    Chandan Gowda
    I would thoroughly recommend Ujala Clinic. I suffered a crack in a molar tooth during lockdown. After a root canal failed to save the tooth, I embarked upon the implant process with doctors at Ujala Cygnus. It’s a long process, with lots of different stages, but he carried out all the work fastidiously and expertly. This is the best dental hospital in agra.
    Ishan Raut
    During our visit, Dr. was very kind and understanding to my children. To begin with, my children are terrified of dentists. She did, however, take the time to walk them through the procedures and reassure them. She never talked down to the kids, and she never pushed them into the procedure if they weren’t ready. Best dental clinic in agra is a must-visit for any dental issues.
    Manav Chandurkar
    If you have any dental problems & are tired of searching for a dental clinic? Please consider Ujala, a popular dental clinic in agra that cures all your dental-related problems.
    Prajwala Shah
    One of the best dentist in agra, though not fancy, is always trusted and reliable. My children have undergone about a dozen procedures completed and it always has been a good experience.
    Navjot Singh
    I was looking for best dentist in Agra as I had tooth plaque and it was getting worse day by day. Then I came across Ujala Clinic here the doctor treated me well and staff helped me very much. Thanks to the doctor.
    Omkar Mishra
    If you are looking for a dentist in agra carry out head to Ujala Cygnus. They have got the best doctor and likewise, their staff are amazingly cooperative and in addition helpful. Highly suggested.
    Rashi Desai
    I had a severe tooth issue and so had to find a dentist in agra. I got one at Ujala and was happy with the treatment there. Defnitely worth recommending.
    Akash Bhatt
    I had lost 2 teeth and visited the best dentist in Agra for getting dental implants done. My teeth look natural and I do not face any issue having any type of food. Thank you so much to the entire team.
    Mukesh Gupta
    I was in search of the best dentist in Agra near me for my kid. The doctor made her feel very comfortable and her treatment was painless. If you are looking for good dental treatment visit Ujala Cygus.
    Preeti Vaidehi
    A good dental doctor in agra is hard to find and we got the best at Ujala. The doctor treated my tooth surgery very carefully and now post the treatment the pain is gone and i can eat everything in a normal way.
    Ritik Mahajan
    If you are searching for the best teeth doctor in agra check out Ujala Cygnus. They have the best doctor and likewise, their staff are amazingly cooperative and likewise helpful. Highly suggested.
    Suresh Kumar
    Ujala Clinic has top 10 dentist in Agra as I am saying this by my own personal experience. The doctor gave me valuable tips which helped me a lot. Thanks to the doctor.
    Vedanti Samant
    Good caring and assuring Doctor and well-trained staff. If you are looking for good teeth doctor in agra at affordable rates, you can’t miss this place.
    Pankaj Verma
    Searching for the best doctor in agra? You can find them in Ujala Hospital, where every doctor specializes in various kinds of surgeries be it from General Surgery to Minimal Access Surgery or from General Health-related issues to Mental health-related issues.
    Dhruvika Anand
    For months, my tooth had been hurting and infected. It led to a slew of other systemic infections in my body. She was an expert at extraction. Even though I was nervous, she took the time to make me feel at ease, and the procedure went smoothly. best dental doctor in agra
    Vedant Srivastava
    What a lovely team! They’re always there for you and visiting them has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had going to dentists. This is the best dental hospital in agra. I highly recommend it!!!! Thank you so much for everything!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Doctors who specialise in dental/oral health are called dentists. The responsibilities of a dentist include the following-

    • Diagnosis of oral conditions
    • Awareness about dental care and prevention of diseases
    • Coming up with an effective treatment plan to restore the dental health of patients
    • Using X-Rays and diagnostic tests to determine the issue
    • Safe administration of anaesthetics
    • Monitoring and ensuring proper growth of teeth and jaw
    • Performing teeth, bone and soft tissue or oral cavity related surgical procedures

    The dentist needs to properly oversee the clinical team to ensure proper and safe oral treatment. Even minor and routine procedures like tooth extraction, preparation and placement of fillings, administration of anaesthetics carry a potential complication risk.

    Thus, ensure to visit the best dental clinic in Agra to get proper treatment. You can google, ‘dentist in Agra near me’ and shortlist according to your needs.

    Alternatively, you can visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital. Some of the top dentists in Agra are a part of our dental department. Call and schedule an appointment with us today to consult with some of the best dentists in Agra trained and experienced in various dental specialities.

    If you are aware of the kind of specialities in dentistry, you can consult with a specialist who can effectively treat your issue. Following are the various dentistry specialities-

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    All the diseases, injuries, malformations, and deficiencies of the jaws and related structures are dealt with in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The removal of teeth in complex locations, have peculiar formation or those which are attached to the jawbone is the most crucial form of oral surgery. The impacted teeth are usually rooted in the jawbone or soft tissues. Therefore, the doctor might remove the tissue or bone to reach the teeth in such cases. In addition, the surgery might help remove cysts and growths in the jaw and mouth, deal with jaw fractures and enable the correction of harelip and cleft palate.

    Orthodontics deals with the correction of unaligned and protruding teeth in the mouth. The orthodontics specialists will be helpful for you if your child has a thumb-sucking habit, cut in the mouth or projecting lower jaw. Malocclusion is a condition that includes irregular teeth positions and jaw relationships, which lead to jaw and face deformities. Orthodontics is helpful in the detection, study, prevention and treatment of the condition.

    The field deals with several methods which provide artificial substitutes, dentures for missing teeth. The replacement ensures that the forces in chewing are evenly distributed to avoid the loss of other teeth due to unnecessary stress. A fixed bridge is used to replace missing teeth if it seems feasible. A fixed bridge involves the construction of crowns to cover all or needed parts of surrounding teeth and then the attachment of artificial teeth to the crown. A fixed bridge made from porcelain or acrylic covered with gold is usually lifelike and challenging to remove.

    In cases where there are not enough surrounding teeth to support the bridge, a partial denture is made, removable. The device is kept in place using clasps that hold several teeth together. However, the prosthetic needs to be removed and cleaned periodically. A complete denture is needed if all teeth are to be replaced. Sometimes, there can be missing portions of the oral cavity due to malformations or deficiencies, which can be dealt with by prosthodontists.

    A dental implant is another surgical tooth replacement option that can take several forms. The anchors for caps are the screws that are drilled into the jaw.

    Almost 90% of India’s population has gum disease, and it is a fact that they are at a higher risk of heart diseases. Thus, if you have gum bleeding, you should see a periodontist. Periodontics studies and treats the supporting structures and tissues around the teeth. The gums and underlying bones are prone to diseases. In addition, the underlying tissues are often irritated when there is calculus encrustation on the teeth, seen both above and under the gums. Other irritants are food accumulation on the neck of the teeth, cavities, malocclusions and inadequately made dental appliances.

    Vincent’s infection, trench mouth or necrotising ulcerative gingivitis is another predominant gum disorder.

    The treatment includes removing calculus with curettes and scalers and applying medication to soft tissues. The loose teeth might be splinted together during the healing, whereas the infected gum tissue is excised. Malocclusions are treated by grinding the teeth to achieve an occlusal relationship.

    Endodontics is in charge of surgical and therapeutic processes to protect the nerve or pulp. It also includes removing the injured or damaged nerve cavity, bleaching of front teeth and root canals. The treatment is often called root canal therapy.

    Pediatric Dentistry
    There are milk teeth in children that need different treatment, which is dealt with by a pedodontist. Pediatric dentistry usually treats patients under the age of 20 and patients who have deciduous or a mixture of permanent and temporary teeth. Often appliances used are space maintainers and bite plates to avoid malocclusion and sealant application to prevent bacteria on the surface of molars.

    Oral Pathology
    The field studies the nature of oral diseases, causes, processes, and effects. Lab tests of sputum, blood and other fluids and microscopic tests of tissues are used to diagnose. The oral pathologists indirectly deal with patients through a general physician.

    Public Health Dentistry
    The field is focused on the prevention of oral problems and awareness regarding diseases. It has three basic areas- dental public health, research and clinical dentistry.

    Forensic Odontology
    These specialists can identify the victim using teeth information in forensic investigations.

    Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
    These are specialists in taking oral X-rays.

    Esthetic Dentistry
    There is an increase in demand and awareness about dental procedures for cosmetic purposes. Esthetic dentistry is thus becoming popular as well.

    Thus, now that you know the specialities, you can look for the top 10 dentists in Agra who provide comprehensive treatment and shortlist the one that fulfils your requirement. Alternatively, you can visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital, where we have empanelled some of the best teeth doctors in Agra.

    Call us to schedule an appointment with the best dentists in Agra.

    Dental checkups are much more than just getting your teeth cleaned. Regular visits are also for-

    • Detection of cavities while they are minor. The early detection makes the treatment cheap.
    • Detection of gum diseases in an early stage.
    • Catch oral cancer early, especially if you smoke or use tobacco.
    • Check the fillings for decay.
    • Dry mouth or bad breath treatment.
    • Review of oral hygiene.
    • Overall health monitoring because gum diseases can cause other issues.
    • Look out for children’s teeth conditions.

    Dental issues are distinguished into two categories as follows-

    Tooth Decay
    It means the destruction of the layers of the teeth. Consuming carbohydrates can sometimes remain on the teeth and feed the bacteria present. The bacteria make acid that can damage the teeth.

    Gum Disease
    It is a chronic bacterial infection. Gingivitis is a milder version only limited to the gums. Periodontitis is severe gum disease.

    Based on what is affecting your dental hygiene, you can make an informed choice regarding choosing the most suitable dentist. You may look for the best dental clinic in Agra that fulfils your expectations or simply visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital to consult with some of the top dentists in Agra.

    Call and book your appointment today to get your dental problems treated by the best dentists in Agra.

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