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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our Nephrology Department in Agra focuses on providing exceptional nephro care to all the residents of Agra and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    Services Offered At Ujala Cygnus Hospital Agra

    We offer treatment for a wide range of kidney problems.

    • Acute & Chronic Kidney Disease
    • Polycystic Kidney Disease
    • Diabetes Renal Failure
    • Blood in Urine
    • Dialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis
    • Catheter Insertion
    • Kidney Biopsy
    • Transplant Nephrology

    Acute & Chronic Kidney Disease

    Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Diabetes Renal Failure

    Blood in Urine

    Dialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis

    Catheter Insertion

    Kidney Biopsy

    Transplant Nephrology

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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

    Ayushmaan Bharat
    Gold Certified

    NABH certified


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    Jyoti Sharma
    My father recently had a kidney transplant and was experiencing some minor complications. So I wanted the best nephrologist in Agra and decided to visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital. The doctor provided my dad with a thorough consultation and treatment to relieve his complications.
    Harish Kamat
    I suffered from kidney disease and required regular dialysis. So I decided to visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital as it has one of the best dialysis centres in Agra. The staff and doctors here are excellent at making you comfortable and providing the best treatments.
    Garima Shah
    My mother suffered from renal artery stenosis. So we were searching for the best kidney specialist in Agra, who we found at Ujala Cygnus Hospital. The doctor and staff have supported us through the process, right from the testing to the treatment. Since the beginning of the treatment, they have regularly contacted us to check if my mother is doing well. Great hospital, awesome people.
    Nishant Singh
    I was recently diagnosed with glomerulonephritis. So my family doctor advised me to consult with the top nephrologist in Agra. After some research, I decided to go to Ujala Cygnus Hospital. That was an excellent decision as my condition is much better now.
    Harman Chaddha
    My brother was suffering from a kidney infection, and his doctor was not providing him with the proper treatment. So we were looking for the best kidney doctor in Agra. After much search around and going through tons of reviews, we visited Ujala Cygnus Hospital. Their staff were well-mannered and took care of my brother quite well.
    Sakshi Jain
    I was looking for the best nefrologist in Agra as my father was diagnosed with a tubular defect. So after some suggestions from my friends, I decided to take my father to Ujala Cygnus Hospital. The decision turned out to be quite beneficial. His symptoms have been getting better slowly but surely.
    Lalit Sharma
    Are you looking for a kidney specialist doctor in Agra? In that case, I would suggest you consider Ujala Cygnus Hospital. I went there for my dialysis. Their doctor and staff were very polite. Even after I reached home, they have been in contact with me about my overall condition. That’s that kind of commitment I appreciate. So thank you to these fantastic people.
    Praveen Kammar
    While trying to figure out the dialysis cost in Agra, I got to know about Ujala Cygnus. I went there for my dialysis and it went well.
    Dilesh Shah
    I was looking for a kidney specialist doctor in Agra as I was feeling pain in my lower back area. Ujala Clinic at Varanasi offered a very good service I have also appreciated how available they have made themself during this covid-19 period, returning calls at hours of the day and night. Highly recommended!
    Komal khanna
    Ujala Cygnus is the right place if you are searching for a dialysis center in Agra. The hospital is in top notch conditions, and the doctors and staff are well trained as well.
    Swapnil Patade
    Ujala Cygnus is the best dialysis centre in agra. I had visited Ujala for my dialysis, and the entire procedure went well, without problem.
    Abhimanyu Khurana
    I am lucky to have my kidney transplant treatment under doctor’s supervision. He is the top nephrologist in agra. Although the process was not that easy…but he ensured that his doctor’s team treated me well & he also guided me properly on recovering after my kidney transplant surgery…
    Archana Bhagat
    Extremely competent, honest, helpful, and experienced doctor. Treats patients with utmost care and sincerity. Very highly recommended and would definitely say that it is among the best kidney specialist in agra.
    Pooja Iyer
    I was looking for the best nefrologist in agra as I was suffering kidney issues. The doctor examined my body and did the operation which was needed as my case was severe. The staff too was helpful. Recommended.
    Priya Kumar
    While looking for nefrologist in agra, I found out about Ujala Cygnus. The doctor was great, he did good treatment on my kidneys. Thank you!
    Jivesh Thakkar
    Our family doctor suggested us a kidney specialist in agra for the treatment at Ujala Cygnus. The treatment was very crucial but as recommended the surgery was perfect.
    Kerti Lal
    I am happy to share my experience about my treatment done at Ujala Cygus as they have the best kidney doctor in agra. They go through your entire medical history and look for the best treatment option for you. I can assure you that they would be the best for you.
    Ken George
    Great specialist and provides thorough information. The admin staff are wonderful and help support patients to make everything easier. For sure, one of the best kidney doctor in agra. Great services all around.
    Niraj Bhoge
    I like coming here because everyone is very nice & I feel like I’m getting the best care. I would recommend them to anyone. I especially like how they explain everything. He is amazing! He is the best nephrologist in Agra.
    Sushil Kamat
    I was treated at Ujala Cygnus hospital. They went over everything in detail and in terms I could understand. I felt at ease when I went in for the procedure. His team was fantastic. This clinic has some of the best nephrologist in Agra, so I would recommend it.
    Nakul Sinha
    I met doctor who is the best nephrologist in Agra. I admire the immense knowledge in terms of Nephrology & Dialysis. If you too are looking for a nephrologist then consider Ujala hospital as the best option.
    Abhishek Sharma
    The best nephrologist in Agra and the doctor is very much polite. My father was suffering from a kidney problem and is now much much better, thanks to the doctor.
    Anil Kumar
    I was looking for a kidney specialist doctor in agra as my kidney had failed and I was on dialysis then one of my friend recommended me Ujala Clinic, Here the doctors are amazing and are professional. Recommended.
    Umesh Shah
    If you are looking for nkidney specialist doctor in agra, go to Ujala Cygnus. They possess the best doctor and likewise, their staff are incredibly cooperative and also helpful. Highly suggested.
    Nandini Taneja
    Kidney stone specialist doctor in Agra. The doctor takes the time to get a good history from me as well as any kind of issues that are happening. I first visited them last December. Ujala Clinic offers a very good package for kidney stone laser treatment cost in varanasi

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A doctor of medicine who deals with the diagnosis, management and treatment of conditions associated with the kidney is known as a nephrologist. Nephrologists are also highly skilled and qualified at treating any complication you may have in the rest of your body due to kidney dysfunction. Your doctor may suggest you visit a nephrologist if they detect you are having any symptoms of kidney issues like kidney infections, dysfunctions, growths, etc.

    They provide you with a treatment for all conditions associated with your kidneys, either directly or indirectly. Here are a few common kidney-related issues that are treated by the nephrologist:

    • Glomerular conditions like nephrotic syndrome and glomerulonephritis.
    • Tubular defects
    • Kidney infections
    • Long-term or advanced kidney conditions
    • Kidney vascular conditions like renal artery stenosis
    • Tubulointerstitial kidney diseases

    If you exhibit symptoms associated with any of these conditions, you may want to get in touch with the best nephrologist in Agra. In that case, you may visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital, as our specialists are regarded as among the best kidney doctors in Agra.

    You may also consult with our kidney specialist doctors in Agra if you have a kidney condition and are looking for dialysis.

    Often, issues with your kidneys are considered the beginning of chronic kidney diseases or CKD. However, these diseases may last for a long time, gradually worsen, and result in kidney failure. So it would be helpful if CKDs were diagnosed and treated early on. Otherwise, they may transform into kidney failure.

    It’s necessary to understand your body well and realise when something is wrong. Otherwise, you won’t get a proper diagnosis in time, resulting in more significant problems. Here are a few conditions you may want to visit a kidney hospital for:

    • Protein in urine: One of the earliest signs of kidney disease is the protein in your urine. It is common to have protein in the blood. The primary function of your kidneys is to clean out all the wastage and toxins from your blood, just leaving essential nutrients, including protein, behind. When damaged, the tiny filters in your kidney start allowing a protein called albumin out of the blood into your urine. So you must visit a nephrologist to have this problem treated as soon as possible.
    • Acute kidney injury: It is a condition in which the kidneys stop working properly in a matter of hours or days. It is a severe issue and can turn deadly if not treated in time. The symptoms of this disease are usually exhibited by people of old age and are admitted to the hospital. But you may also be affected by it due to an infection, injury, or a prescribed or OTC medication.
    • Kidney pain: This type of pain is usually felt between the upper and middle parts of your back. However, that doesn’t mean every back pain should be associated with your kidneys.
    • Blood in the urine: Seeing blood in the urine can be nerve-wracking. It means that either your kidneys or the urinary tract have some defect. Although having blood in the urine is termed a kidney problem, it doesn’t mean you suffer from a kidney-related disease. But you should take it as an initial sign and get it checked as early as possible to ensure the problem doesn’t turn into a disease. The treatment for this kind of ailment depends on what its root cause is.
    • Kidney infection: When bacteria spread out of your kidneys into the other parts of the urinary tract, it results in a kidney infection. A few of the common symptoms of this condition include vomiting, fever, pain in the back, groin, sides, etc. Because of their anatomy, women are more vulnerable to kidney infections than men. Treating these infections can help you prevent long-term kidney damage and even kidney failure.
    • Kidney stones: Kidney stones are one of the most common afflictions associated with the kidneys. When certain materials inside your kidneys build up and harden, they result in a condition commonly called kidney stones. Large kidney stones can be pretty painful when they move through your urinary tract. But when it comes to smaller stones, sometimes, you may not even feel them passing through the tract with the urine. When these stones pass through your body with the urine, it is called passing a kidney stone.

    Besides these diseases mentioned above, hepatitis C is a medical condition that affects your liver. Your liver is one of the crucial parts of your body that converts your diet into nutrients and discards the toxins. Although a condition related to the liver, hepatitis C may cause kidney diseases, and the treatment (if not given properly) for kidney failure may result in hepatitis C.

    Hepatitis C can be quite dangerous and may result in more life-threatening conditions like liver cancer, cirrhosis, etc. So it would be best if you consulted with a kidney specialist doctor in Agra immediately. Ujala Cygnus Hospital has a few of the best nephrologists in Agra on board to provide you relief from severe ailments like hepatitis C.

    Suppose you suffer from any of these conditions mentioned above. In that case, you may want to consider visiting Ujala Cygnus Hospital for treatment, as we have some of the best nefrologists in Agra. Are you searching for the best kidney doctor in Agra? Then, call and schedule an appointment with our specialists today.

    Here are a few symptoms of kidney problems:

    • Poor sleep: According to several studies, there is a causal link between chronic kidney disease or CKD and sleep apnea due to toxins buildup, narrowing throat, etc.
    • Swollen feet and face: Swelling in your face, feet, hands, ankles, etc., may be due to fluid buildup.
    • Shortness of breath: In the case of kidney diseases, your body does not produce enough erythropoietin, due to which you may suffer from anaemia. In that case, you may feel a shortness of breath.
    • Foul breath: When your kidneys cannot filter the toxins as well as they should, it results in foul breath.

    Other than these above-stated symptoms, you may experience tiredness, itchiness, muscle cramps, foggy head, brown and bloody urine, low appetite, etc. In addition, shortness of breath can be an extremely stressful experience. So getting in touch with the best kidney specialist in Agra would be helpful.

    If you exhibit any of these symptoms, it would be wise to visit a kidney specialist doctor in Agra. Are you looking for a kidney specialist? In that case, you may want to visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital, as we have empanelled some of the top nephrologists in Agra.

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