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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

    Why Ujala Cygnus?

    Our team of dentists In Bahadurgarh focus on providing exceptional dental care to all the residents of Bahadurgarh and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    Services Offered At Ujala Cygnus Hospital Bahadurgarh

    Our doctors provide treatments for a wide range of health problems.

    • Root Canal Treatment (Rct)
    • Dental Implants (Single And Full Mouth )
    • Computer Guided Fixed Teeth
    • Crowns And Bridge (3m Cad Cam)
    • Complete Flexible Dentures (Valplast)
    • Tooth Colored Fillings
    • Smile Analysis And Designing (Laminates And Veneers)
    • Orthodontic Treatment
    • Lingual Braces And Invisible Braces
    • Dental Trauma Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeries
    • Scaling (Tooth Cleaning)
    • Bleaching For Discolored Yellow And Brown Teeth
    • Flap Surgeries
    • Bone Grafting For Mobile Teeth
    • Mucogingival Surgeries
    • Cosmetic Dentistry
    • Painless Tooth Removal Surgical Extractions
    • Digital X Ray

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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

    Ayushmaan Bharat
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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

    Ayushmaan Bharat
    Gold Certified

    NABH certified


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dentists are healthcare practitioners who specialise in treating and preventing oral diseases and contributing to maintaining or improving dental health. While most dentists have a private practice in their clinics, others are employed by public or private healthcare centres. Dentists may specialise in several branches of their practice, including orthodontics, periodontics and even maxillofacial surgery.

    Listed below are some most standard responsibilities and tests that a dentist performs to help diagnose the underlying condition-

    • Oral Examination
    • Dental X-rays
    • Oral Cancer Training
    • Scaling And Polishing
    • Fluoride Treatment
    • Sealant Application
    • Home Care Instruction

    Being a Bahadurgarh resident, patients may find it extremely difficult to choose the best dental clinics in Bahadurgarh. However, it is not difficult when you experience the best dental treatment or services in our hospital’s dental department. At Ujala Cygnus Hospital, you can receive the highest quality dental treatment under the guidance of some of the best dentists in Bahadurgarh.

    When you experience the signs and symptoms associated with a dental condition, you must not ignore it. Here are some conditions that call for immediate treatment-

    • Bleeding After Brushing Or Flossing
      Bleeding or swollen gum may indicate some periodontal disease where the tissues that hold up your teeth endure some infection.
    • Receding Gums
      Gum recession is a normal part of the ageing process. Most aged people experience recession around a tooth which may expose the delicate roots and increase the risk of decay, infection, pain and tooth loss.
    • Others
      Other conditions that call for a quick visit to the dentist include dry mouth, loose teeth, bumps or sores in the tongue and, of course, toothache.

    There are several conditions that a dentist may be able to treat. So if you are enduring any pain or discomfort in your mouth, you may look for the best dental clinic in Bahadurgarh or consult with any of the best dentists in Bahadurgarh at our hospital.

    While many leading clinics are recognised among the best dental clinics in Bahadurgarh, at Ujala Cygnus Hospital, we offer the latest technology coupled with trained and skilled dentists and various dental specialities, all under one roof.

    Most people are aware of preventive dental care and visit a dentist every six months for a routine checkup. However, most of them neglect their oral health and choose to visit a professional only when a considerable complication arises. While it is vital to get your dental hygiene checked, it is also vital to check at a reliable dental hospital or clinic. You may consider the following tips to look for a reliable dentist:

    Ask For Referrals From Your Friends, Family, And Relatives

    Friends, family, and relatives you trust can provide you with some of the best referrals. It can be considered a great source of information. You can get a detailed insight into the treatment, hospitality, and overall experience. You may also collect information regarding a specific treatment you are looking forward to, such as scaling, filing, or a more advanced treatment like dental implants. If you are looking for one of the most reliable dentists for dental implants in Bahadurgarh, you can consider Ujala Cygnus Hospital.

    Do Your Homework Over The Internet.

    With the advent of the internet and technology, a completely new realm has opened up where every individual has access to valid information. Many platforms can help bridge these gaps, such as Lybrate and Practo. One of the best ways to select a dentist is by browsing the clinic’s website.

    It is wise to note that the reviews on the website may be biased or fake. You may always depend on Google reviews, considered to be genuine and reliable. Based on your search only, you can make a list of dentists in Bahadurgarh that fulfil your needs.


    You may try walking into the nearest dental clinic or one among the list of dentists you have made. A walk-in helps to get an idea about the hospitality, dentist expertise, and the price range at the particular clinic. You may also check for the quality of the dental clinic services, hygiene, transparency, technology utilised, and even follow-up services.

    Check if the clinic performs essential dental treatments like cleaning, scaling, or other minor procedures. Furthermore, you must also check if the services rendered are up to the mark while performing the most complex dental procedures like root canal treatment, dental braces, dentures, and dental implants, among others. Based on your experience, if you find the clinic to satisfy your needs, you may choose to book an appointment in that particular dental clinic in Bahadurgarh.

    Ujala Cygnus Hospital, recognised as one of the best dental hospitals in Bahadurgarh, as we have some of the best dentists with immense experience and talent. The dentists at our hospital are dedicated to patient care. We have pediatric dentists, periodontists, gum specialists, and orthodontists in Bahadurgarh who are widely recognised for their services.

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