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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our team of ENT specialists in Bahadurgarh focus on providing exceptional ENT care to all the residents of Bahadurgarh and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    Services Offered At Ujala Cygnus Hospital Bahadurgarh

    We offer treatment for a wide range of ENT problems.

    Nasal / Sinus Procedures

    • Septoplasty
    • Septoplasty With Turbinate Reduction
    • Nasal Valve Reconstruction
    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Complex)
    • Nasal Fracture Reduction (closed)
    • Nasal Fracture Reduction (open)
    • Rhinoplasty

    Ear Procedures

    • Ear tubes (tympanostomy)
    • Myringoplasty
    • Tympanoplasty
    • Tympanoplasty with Ossicular Reconstruction
    • Tympanomastoidectomy
    • Tympanomastoidectomy with Ossicular Reconstruction
    • Stapedectomy

    Larynx Procedures

    • Laryngoscopy with biopsy
    • Microlaryngoscopy with biopsy
    • Esophagoscopy
    • Laryngoplasty

    Neck Procedures

    • Biopsy neck mass ( superficial)
    • Biopsy neck mass (deep)
    • Parotidectomy
    • Submandibular gland removal

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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

    Ayushmaan Bharat
    Gold Certified

    NABH certified


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The ENT specialists specialise in treating and managing diseases related to the ear, nose, throat, and other related parts of the body. People also refer to ENT doctors as otolaryngologists as they can provide both medical and surgical care.

    Some of the crucial responsibilities of an ENT specialist include delivering treatment for the following conditions-

    • Ears- The treatment of hearing disorders can vary from person to person, but otolaryngologists can treat a wide variety of conditions. Instead of neglecting your ear-related concerns, it is highly recommendable for you to seek treatment from any of the leading ear doctors in Bahadurgarh.
    • Nose- Sinusitis is another prevalent medical condition that is diagnosed and treated by an ENT specialist. Other issues that the ENTs can treat are related to managing nasal allergies and the sense of smell.
    • Throat- The diagnosis and treatment of laryngitis, upper esophageal diseases, difficulty swallowing food, or vocal issues are all done by an otolaryngologist. In case you are suffering from a throat condition, you may consider scheduling an appointment at Ujala Cygnus Hospital Bahadurgarh, as our ENT department consists of some of the best throat specialists in Bahadurgarh.
    • Head And Neck Issues- The ENT doctors or otolaryngologists can diagnose and treat various diseases and disorders that can affect the face, head, and neck.

    If you live in Bahadurgarh and are looking for an ENT specialist to treat your ear, nose or throat conditions, you can consider Ujala Cygnus Hospital, where some of the best ENT in Bahadurgarh are empanelled.

    Allergies, asthma, sinus infection, hearing loss, stuffy nose, dizziness, and several other conditions needing medical attention call for an ENT specialist’s attention. When you are faced with a health issue, you may schedule an appointment with a specialist or rush to the emergency room. For these common issues, your doctor may prescribe a pain reliever and other medications.

    However, some complicated ailments do not resolve with a primary treatment approach and require more accurate treatment. Some of the most complicated circumstances arise when people keep ignoring persistent allergies, sinus pain, etc. If you are experiencing any severe health condition, you can consult with any of the top ENT specialists in Bahadurgarh.

    Listed below are some signs and symptoms that you should consult with an ENT-

    Sinus Pain

    Do you feel a stinging pain in your head, face, or upper jaws? It may indicate that the nasal passage is obstructed in some way which might be causing constant nasal congestion and sinus pressure. If over the counter medications have failed you, you must consider getting them treated under a medical professional. People usually consult with a general practitioner when they experience the pain associated with the sinus. Their general doctor will then guide them to an ENT specialist who will diagnose and treat the condition. Are you experiencing pain in your head, face, or your teeth? You may consider Ujala Cygnus Hospital, identified as one of the leading ENT hospitals in Bahadurgarh, to offer the best treatment for sinus.

    Sore Throat

    A sore throat can be harrowing and troubling. It is a prevalent condition associated with cough and cold. However, if the throat discomfort does not resolve with time, and you find it difficult to swallow food, it indicates a more severe throat infection. If you are having a sore throat, you must seek appropriate treatment under the guidance of an experienced ENT specialist doctor in Bahadurgarh. Ujala Cygnus Hospital is widely recognised for its quality treatments provided by our ENT department which consists of some of the best ENT doctors in Bahadurgarh.

    Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss can affect you at any age. You may experience hearing loss due to infection in the eardrum, ear canal, or due to the presence of any persisting infection. In some cases, accumulation of ear wax or fluid may also be the reason behind unbearable pain in the ear. To overcome these conditions, you may use OTC medicines and ear drops that come with noticeable side effects. However, a quick visit to any of the best ENT Drs in Bahadurgarh who will provide the most suitable treatment to help you resolve the condition of hearing loss. At our hospital, we not only have some of the best ENT doctors in Bahadurgarh, but we also have some of the highly skilled medical staff who offer the best patient care.

    There are many tests that an ENT specialist may ask you to undergo to diagnose the underlying disorders and offer the right treatment. Some of them are mentioned below-

    Diagnosis Of Ear Infections

    Ear infections mostly come with specific signs and symptoms. The ENT doctor will use an otoscope to check the outer ear and the eardrum. The ear will appear red and swollen with or without fluid discharge if it is infected. In case they find a trace of any infection, the doctors may prescribe some antibiotics or some ear drops to alleviate the condition. The antibiotics will take action and cure a viral infection. Having some of the best ENT specialists in Bahadurgarh, Ujala Cygnus Hospital can be one of your best options to receive the right diagnosis and treatment for your ear infection.

    Diagnosis Of Sinus Infections

    If a person is suffering from a sinus infection, the ENT doctor may use an endoscope to check the sinus cavity. Alternatively, X-rays or CT scans may also be used if other tests haven’t yielded a satisfactory result. You can receive the most appropriate treatment for sinus under any of the best ENT specialists in Bahadurgarh.

    Diagnosis Of Strep Throat

    Strep throat is a condition that gives rise to reddened tonsils with or without some white patches on them. It may be a result of a viral infection, which can be diagnosed with a throat culture. Based on the condition, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to help resolve the discomfort.

    Many good ENT specialists in Bahadurgarh are recognised for the services they render. However, if you are looking for the best option for strep throat, you can book an appointment at Ujala Cygnus, as our ENT departments consist of some of the top ENT doctors in Bahadurgarh.

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