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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

    Why Ujala Cygnus For Piles Treatment?

    We have some of India’s top doctors for piles treatment empanelled with us. With over 1 lakh patients treated for piles, our doctors have extensive experience in procedures related to piles surgery and piles treatment.


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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

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    Astha Tygai
    I have been looking to get piles treatment for quite some time now. I always prefer going to a good and established hospital for piles surgery. I had myself treated at Ujala Cygnus, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for getting a piles surgery.
    Lokesh Chauhan
    I wanted to thank Ujala Cygnus for the excellent result of my piles surgery. Their surgeons treated me with respect and care, and I don’t ever feel like I have done my surgery. I want to mention that the Ujala Cygnus staff are very caring, and I would recommend them to anyone. All in all, I feel that I got the very best care available today.
    Udit Kumar
    Thanks very much for the successful Piles treatment. From start to finish, the hospital’s staff was great. The pre & post operation nurses were excellent. The Anaesthetist was excellent too… Thanks again for the professional service from the team of Ujala Cygnus.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The veins around your anus tend to stretch under pressure and may bulge or swell. Haemorrhoids can develop from increased pressure in the lower rectum due to:

    • Straining during bowel movements
    • Sitting for long time on the toilet
    • Having chronic diarrhoea or constipation
    • Being obese
    • Being pregnant
    • Having anal intercourse
    • Eating a low-fibre diet
    • Regular heavy lifting

    It is not necessary for piles to readily show any noteworthy symptoms. If there are symptoms, they might include-

    • A lump around or in the anus
    • Bleeding during the bowel movement
    • Leaking faeces or slimy mucus discharge from the anus
    • Feeling of constipation
    • The skin around the anus feels sore or itchy
    • In the case of external piles, feeling of discomfort and pain after a bowel movement

    Since the home remedies fail to deliver positive results, it becomes necessary to consult a piles doctor. There are several types of piles treatment available-

    • Medication & Home remedies
    • Traditional Open Surgery
    • Most Advanced Laser Piles Treatment

    Ujala Cygnus chain of Super Specialty Hospitals, spread across four states in North India with 13 units equipped with multiple specialties and beds. Certified with NABH, Ujala Cygnus chain of Super Specialty Hospitals aims to provide sophisticated, compassionate, and expert care to admitted patients. We are recognized by all Third Party Administrator(TPA) panels including ECHS, ESI, Ayushmaan Bharat, and Haryana Government.

    Ujala Cygnus Provides –

    • Piles Treatment In Varanasi
    • Piles Treatment In Kanpur
    • Piles Treatment In Kashipur
    • Piles Treatment In Rama Vihar
    • Piles Treatment In Nangloi
    • Piles Treatment In Kurukshetra
    • Piles Treatment In Sonipat
    • Piles Treatment In Kaithal
    • Piles Treatment In Bahadurgarh
    • Piles Treatment In Karnal
    • Piles Treatment In Rewari
    • Piles Treatment In Panipat
    • Fistula Treatment In Varanasi
    • Fistula Treatment In Kanpur
    • Fistula Treatment In Kashipur
    • Fistula Treatment In Rama Vihar
    • Fistula Treatment In Nangloi
    • Fistula Treatment In Kurukshetra
    • Fistula Treatment In Sonipat
    • Fistula Treatment In Kaithal
    • Fistula Treatment In Bahadurgarh
    • Fistula Treatment In Karnal
    • Fistula Treatment In Rewari
    • Fistula Treatment In Panipat
    • Fissure Treatment In Varanasi
    • Fissure Treatment In Kanpur
    • Fissure Treatment In Kashipur
    • Fissure Treatment In Rama Vihar
    • Fissure Treatment In Nangloi
    • Fissure Treatment In Kurukshetra
    • Fissure Treatment In Sonipat
    • Fissure Treatment In Kaithal
    • Fissure Treatment In Bahadurgarh
    • Fissure Treatment In Karnal
    • Fissure Treatment In Rewari
    • Fissure Treatment In Panipat

    We have empanelled some of the –

    • Best Piles Doctors In Varanasi
    • Best Piles Doctors In Kanpur
    • Best Piles Doctors In Kashipur
    • Best Piles Doctors In Rama Vihar
    • Best Piles Doctors In Nangloi
    • Best Piles Doctors In Kurukshetra
    • Best Piles Doctors In Sonipat
    • Best Piles Doctors In Kaithal
    • Best Piles Doctors In Bahadurgarh
    • Best Piles Doctors In Karnal
    • Best Piles Doctors In Rewari
    • Best Piles Doctors In Panipat
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Varanasi
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Kanpur
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Kashipur
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Rama Vihar
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Nangloi
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Kurukshetra
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Sonipat
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Kaithal
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Bahadurgarh
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Karnal
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Rewari
    • Best Fistula Doctors In Panipat
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Varanasi
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Kanpur
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Kashipur
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Rama Vihar
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Nangloi
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Kurukshetra
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Sonipat
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Kaithal
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Bahadurgarh
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Karnal
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Rewari
    • Best Fissure Doctors In Panipat

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    • Piles Operation Cost In Rama Vihar
    • Piles Operation Cost In Nangloi
    • Piles Operation Cost In Kurukshetra
    • Piles Operation Cost In Sonipat
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    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Nangloi
    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Kurukshetra
    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Sonipat
    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Kaithal
    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Bahadurgarh
    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Karnal
    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Rewari
    • Fistula Surgery Cost In Panipat
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Varanasi
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Kanpur
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Kashipur
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Rama Vihar
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Nangloi
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Kurukshetra
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Sonipat
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Kaithal
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Bahadurgarh
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Karnal
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Rewari
    • Fissure Surgery Cost In Panipat

    Nangloi : 8750060177

    Sonipat : 0130-2213088

    Panipat : 0180-4015877

    Karnal : 0184-4020454

    Safdarjung : 011-42505050

    Bahadurgarh : 01276-236666

    Kurukshetra : 01744-270567

    Kaithal : 9996117722

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