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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
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    Common Piles Symptoms

    • Discomfort During Bowel Movements
    • Discomfort When Sitting
    • Itching, Pain, Swelling, Bleeding In Or Around Anus
    • Itching, Pain, Swelling, Bleeding In Rectum
    • Lump That Can Be Felt Around Anus

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We often come across jokes about piles. But piles aren’t funny if they happen to you. Swelling in the veins of the rectum and anus causing extreme discomfort and pain is known as piles. Approximately 1 in 40 people over the age of 50 suffer from piles. Piles can be internal or external.

    If you are a citizen of Haldwani and want to undergo piles treatment, you may look for a piles doctor or the best fistula doctor in Haldwani. Alternatively, you may visit Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital, widely recognised to have empanelled some of the best piles doctors in Haldwani.

    Piles occur due to shock or trauma on the anus or lower rectum. Due to the shock, the blood flow is hindered, causing the veins to bloat or swell out, resulting in pain and discomfort.

    The common causes of Piles are:

    • Obesity,
    • Pregnancy,
    • Consuming a diet lacking fibre,
    • Prolonged sitting,
    • Strenuous bowel movements,
    • Anal infection,
    • Long-lasting diarrhoea or constipation,
    • Anal intercourse, and
    • Heavy lifting workouts.

    You are more prone to piles as you get older. If you experience any of the symptoms stated above, consult a piles specialist in Haldwani. You may also visit Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital, which is considered one of the best piles hospitals in Haldwani.

    You may ask any piles specialist doctor in Haldwani, and the answer is the same; there is no real answer to how long the piles last. If the piles are small, they can be treated at home by placing ice packs, compression and rest on your physician’s advice. They can also be controlled by consuming a diet rich in fibre. These kinds of home remedies might manage the piles in a few days. But if they go from mild to severe, you might experience excruciating pain, discomfort and bleeding from the rectum. There might also be an irritating itch around the piles after a week. If you experience these symptoms, you may want to look for a piles specialist. Alternatively, you may also consult with some of the best fissure doctors in Haldwani.

    Piles can be severe as well. If you have dizziness, fainting episodes, or profuse bleeding from the rectum, you should visit a piles and fissure specialist doctor in Haldwani immediately.

    Most often, in mild cases, your family physician might be able to treat the piles symptoms you experience. But if the piles are severe, causing extreme pain and profuse bleeding, then you might need to consult a piles dr in Haldwani like a gastroenterologist or a colorectal surgeon. These specialists may provide you with piles treatments, such as:

    • Sclerotherapy: A chemical solution is injected to shrink the piles. It scars the affected tissue and hampers the blood supply, causing the piles to wither in a few weeks.
    • Electrocoagulation: In this treatment, an electric current shrinks the internal piles by forming scar tissue and hampering the blood supply.
    • Hemorrhoidectomy: External piles can be removed using this surgical procedure.
    • Rubber Band Ligation: A medical-grade rubber band is placed around the piles to cut off the blood supply and treat the internal piles.
    • Haemorrhoid Stapling: The surgeon uses a stapling tool to remove the internal piles tissues.
    • Infrared Photocoagulation: An infrared light causes scars in the piles affected tissues to block the blood flow to the piles.

    It’s not hard to understand that you might feel awkward and uncomfortable talking to a piles specialist. But it is a painful and highly discomforting health condition to live with, so you should not hesitate to visit a doctor. If you are a woman, you might feel comfortable consulting with a lady doctor. To consult with a piles specialist lady doctor in Haldwani, visit Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital.

    Piles don’t necessarily have a specific recovery time. Often, mild instances of piles recover within a few days without any treatment. But if the piles have become more severe, then they might take longer to heal. There are several risks associated with piles, such as:

    • Pregnancy,
    • Obesity,
    • Age (over 50),
    • Laxative overdose,
    • Lack of fibres in the diet,
    • Strained bowel movement, and
    • Prolonged constipation or diarrhoea.

    These symptoms might also indicate fistula; a medical condition often confused with piles. You may consider consulting with a specialist to undergo fistula treatment in Haldwani. Additionally, to undergo fistula or piles laser treatment in Haldwani, visit Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital.

    There are two distinct types of piles:

    • External Piles: External piles are the most usually observed and unbearable type of piles. They are typically found underneath the skin around the anus. They start with itching and pain due to swollen veins and eventually start bleeding. The external piles usually heal on their own. But if the pain persists, consider visiting a doctor.
    • Internal Piles: The internal piles are found in the inner lining of the rectum. They are not easily noticeable because of being painless. Internal piles might spread around outside the anus and become painful to sensitive areas.

    Along with having one of the best piles operation costs in Haldwani, Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital also has excellent equipment and facilities for piles treatment.

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