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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Paediatricians are concerned with providing physical, mental and emotional care to their patients like any other doctor. The only difference is that their patients are infants, children and teenagers. They deal with all sorts of illnesses and injuries that affect the day to day life of children. They will study the patient’s case, recommend therapies and treatment and even guide the parents on medicines, vaccinations that might be necessary.

    They treat everything from minor injuries to chronic health, physiological and psychological development issues. Paediatrics is a collaborative speciality. If the primary care paediatrician suspects any other serious health condition, they might refer you to a specialist to treat the issue properly.

    Every single child needs an individualised and comprehensive treatment plan. Ujala Cygnus Hospital is one of the best child specialist hospitals in Kanpur that offers individualised treatment based on patient needs. Some of the noted and best child specialists in Kanpur work with us to provide you with the best treatment for your baby.

    The specialities that fall under paediatrics include

    1. Adolescent Health Specialist

    Children between the age of 11-21 are referred to as adolescents and can be treated by adolescent health specialists. These paediatricians are trained and capable of handling all kinds of physical, emotional and behavioural needs in teenagers and young adults.

    There are various problems related to adolescents like-

    • Development and growth issues
    • Concentration problems in school and learning process
    • Substance abuse
    • Nutrition
    • Obesity
    • Eating disorders
    • Skin conditions (acne)
    • Scoliosis (orthopaedic issues)
    • Acute or chronic diseases (from strep throat to diabetes or cerebral palsy)
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Low self-esteem
    • Sleep disorders
    • Gynecologic problems
    • Sexual issues

    The adolescent paediatricians also conduct physical exams for driver’s permits. In addition, they can even treat specific reproductive and mental health-related issues confidentially to help the patient heal.

    2. Immunologist (Pediatric Allergist)

    Immune system-related issues in children like allergies are fairly common. If a kid develops an allergy, there is an incorrect immune system response to seemingly harmless substances like pollen or dust. However, the wrong response that leads to allergies can also lead to hives, asthma, eczema, rashes, hay fever, diarrhoea, anaphylaxis, sinus problem, pneumonia, thrush or abscesses.

    Specialists use specialised testings for diagnosis of the condition and which helps to decide on the most suitable treatment. The treatment can be as primary as avoiding exposure to the substance that triggers the reactions, allergy shots and other medications.

    3. Pediatric Cardiologist

    Children, too, are at risk of developing or being born with heart conditions. A pediatric cardiologist is the one who deals with these heart-related conditions in kids. Many times, they work in collaboration with several other specialists that include-

    • Heart surgeons
    • Electrophysiologists
    • Medical geneticists
    • Anesthesiologists
    • Nurses
    • Diet and nutrition specialists
    • Therapists

    They together conclude to deal with the diagnosis appropriately.

    4. Pediatric Emergency Physician

    Sometimes infants, children or adolescents might need emergency medical attention or help in case of injuries or acute illnesses that can be life-threatening. A pediatric emergency physician does the job precisely. There are various emergencies that they treat. They include high/persistent fever, infections, breathing difficulties, severe pain, dehydration, seizures, allergies, fracture, head injuries, burns, poisoning, substance overdose, diabetes, sickle cell disease and animal bites.

    5. Neonatologist

    Neonatologists efficiently handle complicated and risky situations concerning newborns. You will generally see them in newborn intensive care units or special nurseries in hospitals. If a problem is diagnosed during the pregnancy, then a neonatologist and obstetrician can work together to try and assist the baby before or after birth. Usually, a neonatologist is present during premature deliveries or when a child is born with defects or certain illnesses. Neonatologists also handle injuries in newborns.

    Premature babies are born without getting enough time to develop in the mother’s womb. As a result, their essential organs like the lungs, heart, stomach and skin might be underdeveloped. Neonatologists are highly trained in handling these babies with care and provide them with the most suitable treatment.

    The work of neonatologists is risky and includes the following-

    • Care for babies with defects
    • Breathing disorders
    • Infections
    • Coordinate and management of premature babies
    • Newborns with serious illnesses
    • Newborns that need surgery

    They often consult with obstetricians, paediatricians and family doctors regarding the history and conditions affecting the baby. Finding the best child doctors in Kanpur can be daunting. But if you are an expecting mother, you may look for a hospital that has the best neonatologists in addition to a top pediatrician in Kanpur.

    If you are looking for a child specialist doctor in Kanpur, you can begin your search by making a list of the top 10 child specialists in Kanpur and then shortlist based on your requirements and convenience. Look online for ‘child specialists in Kanpur near me’ to make the process convenient. Alternatively, you can consider Ujala Cygnus Hospital, where we have some of the best pediatricians in Kanpur.

    One of the most critical decisions for you and your baby is the choice of a paediatrician. There are several things you consider like-

    • Is the clinic near my home?
    • Is it open till late or on weekends?
    • What is the expertise of doctors there?
    • Are the doctors’ board certified?
    • Does my family or friends know about the clinic or have any reviews?

    Then come the more significant scenarios that everyone is scared of facing.

    • What will the clinic or doctors do if something terrible happens to my child?
    • Where will they send me to get the treatment?
    • Which specialist will they recommend?

    The best alternative is to find specialists well connected with some of the leading childcare hospitals.

    You need to consider a lot while you have a baby coming. Some of it is mentioned below-

    1. Convenience

    It is always advisable to choose a practice that fits your lifestyle and can support you whenever needed. An apt paediatrician will always be there for your kid and family right from birth to adolescent years.

    You might want to ask yourself

    • Is the doctor practising close to my house?
    • Can I manage my schedule and clinic hours for checkups?
    • Whom should I contact if the clinic is closed?

    2. Values

    A good child specialist knows how to listen. They listen and understand the unique needs of every patient. They can help you deal with myths, alleviate fears and provide verified and safe information when you need it.

    A certified and experienced doctor with whom you can speak anything freely regarding your child’s development is the one you want.

    3. Expertise

    We always want the best. So you have particular prerequisites for the person who is going to care for your child. You want to know if they are adequately trained and board-certified.

    You may want to seek answers to

    • Will they guide you with breastfeeding, development issues and other things that might arise?
    • If an unforeseen circumstance comes, will they be able to help your child get the best treatment from the best hospital?
    • Do they have connections with top hospitals?

    Always make an informed choice.

    When you become a parent, your life turns 360 degrees, and you have a big responsibility. Of course, like any other thing, becoming a parent has its joys and difficulties, but it is part of the process.

    Once you bring your child into the world, having ample support can make the entire journey much more healthy and smooth. You may consider finding one of the best pediatricians in Kanpur to help you through the journey.

    You may start by making a list of child specialists in Kanpur. Then, you may look for the top child specialist in Kanpur or call Ujala Cygnus Hospital, where we have empanelled some of the best child specialist doctors from Kanpur, who, with their unmatched expertise and dedication, can guide your child during their growing years.

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