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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our expert team of doctors focus on providing exceptional medical care to all the residents of Kanpur and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    • Laproscopic surgery
    • General surgery
    • Anaesthesiology
    • Emergency & Trauma
    • Dialysis & Nephrology
    • X-ray
    • CT scan
    • Ultrasound
    • Echo/TMT
    • Dietics
    • Central sterile supply department
    • Ambulance
    • Pharmancy
    • Opthamology
    • Gynaecology
    • Urology

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    Our Team Of Doctors At Ujala Cygnus Hospital Kanpur

    Highly experienced and skilled team of doctors & surgeons who have been trained in leading hospitals.

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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

    Ayushmaan Bharat
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that people want the best doctors and physicians in Kanpur for their healthcare and well-being, if you’re going to find a good doctor to cater to all your healthcare problems or if you even want to change your old primary care physician with a new one, we got you covered.

    Here we will discuss all the factors and guidelines that will help you find the best doctor in Kanpur, the crucial pointers are as follows:

    Assess Your Needs

    When finding an excellent primary care physician, it’s essential to find someone who you can trust completely and can share every detail with him/her. Also, communication is the key to any relationship, therefore evaluate whether you can converse well with your doctor or not because communication will ultimately establish your relationship with the doctor.

    Some of the best general physicians in Kanpur who are associated with Ujala Cygnus Kanpur, work with diagnostic assessments to best understand the symptoms you feel. Also, suppose you are comfortable discussing concerns with a female doctor, our hospital’s team of doctors also includes some of the best ladies specialist doctors in Kanpur as comfort and privacy is something we relate too.

    If you want a specialist who must treat your ailments and health conditions, you must communicate well with him and tell your problems and concerns in detail. You can even count on other medical practitioners, such as nurse professionals, physician assistants who are also considered “physician extenders” and treat various kinds of ailments. There are also naturopaths and other complementary medicine professionals who counsel people and diagnose them with the right treatment.

    Some of the best physicians in Kanpur associated with Ujala Cygnus Hospital are patient professionals who ask the right questions to reach a diagnosis and start an effective treatment. If you are a lady who prefers a ladies doctor, you can visit our hospital as our team of ladies doctors in Kanpur assure you of excellent treatments and services.

    Look For A Respectful Communicator

    Regardless of any medical professional you choose, make sure that you can communicate well with him, and there is mutual respect between you two. Often, patients complain that they can’t understand the doctors and doctors don’t consider their perspective. Therefore, respectful communication must be there between both parties so that every step can be assessed effectively. The best doctors in Kanpur always are respectful communicators, and at Ujala Cygnus, all our doctors and staff have a patient ear to hear the health concerns and address them. If the patient is gender-specific and more comfortable discussing health concerns with a lady doctor, Ujala Cygnus is associated with some of the best lady doctors in Kanpur.

    Find A Doctor Who Works With Your Insurance

    If we talk about health insurance’s nature, it means the simple relationship between insurers and practitioners. This changes over time and gets more complicated. For instance, doctors and medical professionals who work for Company A this year may work with some other company the next year. In simpler terms, if you have Insurance through Company A, you can visit only those doctors who fall within the scope of Company A’s insurance policy and claims. Therefore, it sometimes gets complicated, so while looking for a doctor, one must find a professional who works with your insurance company.
    Ujala Cygnus Kanpur, is home to some of the best doctors & physicians in Kanpur and works with leading government and private medical insurance agencies to ease financial burdens.

    Find The Right Type Of Specialist

    Whatever your medical condition is, try to seek a doctor who is an expert in treating your ailments and diseases. You must be aware that seeing the wrong Specialist or doctor who treats only one body system and focuses on one part of the problem can hamper your overall treatment to be done correctly. Therefore, work closely with your primary care physician and make sure that you are referring to the right doctor who has gained mastery in your field.

    At Ujala Cygnus Kanpur, we have a list of doctors associated with us, this list provides all the necessary details like education, experience and speciality which helps the patient and his/her family members in choosing the most suitable doctor from our team of expert specialist doctors in Kanpur.

    Check The Doctor’s Credentials

    One of the most critical points while choosing a doctor is to check his or her credentials. You can conduct your research online or offline and check where the doctor went for his medical school or a specialist in a particular field or branch. Other points include where the doctor had completed his fellowship program and whether he/she is board-certified or not. Licensing credentials, his research work, current publications, his/her field of speciality must also be considered before deciding. You can even check out if he or she is affiliated with many health organisations or enterprises. Remember to do a background check of your doctor to know where he/she stands and how much he/she is experienced in their field.

    Credentials come in handy when one wants to compare the educational qualification and years of experience of top physicians in Kanpur. Ujala Cygnus takes pride in the professional achievements of their team of physicians which includes some of the best physicians in Kanpur.

    Check Their Track Record

    One must check that the doctor has an impressive and clean record in her past. Your doctor’s level of experience and skills is vitally important as that will define how well he can treat your condition and provide you with the most effective diagnosis. You can track his/her medical history by doing a background check where you can check the doctor’s credentials, board-certified degree, schooling and education, patient reviews, and years of practical experience. Make sure to see if the doctor is free from any malpractice records or other serious accusations against him.

    With a proven track record of successful treatments, some of the best physician doctors in Kanpur associated with Ujala Cygnus are award winners and pioneers in their specialties.

    Consider Hospital Affiliation While Making A Final Choice

    If you think that you may need to be hospitalised at any time in your treatment journey, check whether the hospital provides any affiliation services or not. You have to keep your preferences and choices in mind and search for a doctor accordingly. Many doctors affiliate themselves with one or more hospitals to provide services to people. It would be best if you found out which doctors are affiliated with your choice of hospitals.

    Ujala Cynus is affiliated with NABH and strives to provide adequate, solution-based treatment practises using the healthcare sector’s best minds. Some of the best MD doctors in Kanpur working with our hospital are given the charge of treating patients and we have achieved great success rates under their guidance.

    Some Further Considerations And Guidelines

    Firstly, if you are concerned about the hospital’s location or the clinic, check the doctor’s location and see how far it is from your premises. If you don’t want a distant hospital from your location, try to find a good doctor near your locality.

    Now some people prefer a particular gender while getting their treatment from a doctor. We will suggest that you always count your comfort and make a choice accordingly. If you are comfortable with a particular gender, select a doctor of that gender only to communicate well with them, and share your concerns and worries without any hesitation.

    You can also consider a doctor native language or culture if this is something you are bothered about. When it comes to something as personal as medical information, choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable and must communicate well with them.

    Also, check whether the medical staff is cooperative or not. The doctor is undoubtedly the group leader, but you must also check how well the team behaves with you and how much you are comfortable with them. Most importantly, check on the doctor’s skills and experience, which he possesses in his particular field.

    Ujala Cygnus Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur is the most extensive critical care and trauma centre with multiple specialities and 100 beds. Certified with NABH, Ujala Cygnus Super Specialty Hospital aims to provide sophisticated, compassionate, and expert care to admitted patients. We are recognised by all Third Party Administrator (TPA) panels, including ECHS, ESI, Ayushmaan Bharat, and Haryana Government.

    Ujala Cygnus Super Specialty Hospital provides the best treatment for almost all major and minor health problems with a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors from premier institutes across the country.

    Ujala Cygnus Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur aims to provide the best treatment to admitted patients with advanced technology equipment at an affordable price. For tier-2 and tier-3 people, Ujala Cygnus Super Specialty Hospital is a blessing, as now they do not have to move to big cities for treatment purposes. Our team of ladies specialist doctors in Kanpur work closely to help treat fertility and gynaecology concerns in women of all ages.

    With more than 2,000 successful operations, we at Ujala Cygnus Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur, are committed to strengthening the age-old doctor-patient relationship and restoring the profession’s trust, respect, and reputation. We offer a wide range of healthcare services to provide proper care and treatment to the patients. Our highly qualified and experienced team takes complete responsibility for each patient with advanced treatment techniques. Be it any of the best surgeons in Kanpur or the best physicians in Kanpur, Ujala Cygnus Kanpur is the one-stop healthcare destination that caters to all medical needs.

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