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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some points that should help you to decide whether it is time to consult a physiotherapist:

    1. Pain That Keeps Recurring

    If you have had an accident that resulted in an injury, you may expect to be in pain for a while until the damaged tissue heals. For instance, when you sprain your ankle, the discomfort usually lasts for a few weeks. The discomfort in the ankle decreases in proportion to the healing of the damaged ligaments. However, in certain situations, the pain may reappear after some time, resulting in chronic pain. Neck and lower back pain are typical instances of this sort of pain. A professional physiotherapist might check the condition if you choose physiotherapy. They devise a rehabilitation programme that includes focused exercise and relaxation following a comprehensive assessment, ensuring that your condition is permanently resolved.

    2. Lack Of Balance

    The most prevalent cause of balance issues is problems in the inner ear. Structures in the inner ear play a vital part in regulating bodily equilibrium. Thus, diseases affecting the inner ear cause symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, and inability to maintain balance. Vestibular rehabilitation is a form of physiotherapy that can help with these problems. After a comprehensive examination of your problem, a physiotherapist can devise a treatment plan that includes a series of exercises for the head, eye, and neck. These workouts retrain your nervous system to compensate for inner ear problems.

    3. Experiencing Pain While Sitting At Your Desk

    If you sit at your desk for extended periods, you may feel pain. Headaches and backaches are common symptoms of this condition. As the human body is intended to move, being in one position for long periods can cause muscle and joint cramps. It is advised that you take frequent pauses between work to keep your body active and in motion. Your work desk should be properly set up in order to avoid pain and other associated problems. You may speak with a physiotherapist to learn more about improving your work habits in terms of posture.

    4. Experiencing Mobility Issue

    If you feel a loss of flexibility or mobility, as well as a lack of smoothness in your motions, you should see a physiotherapist. The inability to touch your toes is one example of this. A physiotherapist can analyse the condition and provide exercises to strengthen the tissues while also relaxing the muscles, increasing flexibility.

    5. Urinating In An Uncontrollable Manner

    Urinary incontinence is a prevalent problem that mostly affects women. As you become older, your chances of developing this illness rise. Urinary incontinence is divided into urge (an urgent need to pass pee that results in urine leakage) and stress (stress on the bladder caused by coughing or sneezing). Physiotherapist-recommended pelvic floor exercises that can assist with this problem.

    6. Neurological Disorders

    A stroke sufferer may require lengthy treatment to recover movement and flexibility abilities. A physiotherapist will advise on the best support to utilise. The recommended exercises should be performed, as maximum level of stress can be tolerated with exercise.

    7. Prescribed Medications Do not Work As Intended

    If you have been in pain due to an accident and the pain medication you have been prescribed is not working, seeing a physiotherapist is an excellent option.

    8. If Surgery Is The Other Alternative

    Physical therapy can help decrease or remove pain completely in some situations, obviating the need for surgery. However, if surgery is unavoidable, physical therapy before the procedure will aid in your recovery.

    9. Sports Injuries

    When it comes to sports injuries, physiotherapists can design a pre or post-injury exercise programme to assist you to avoid or recover from injuries respectively. In addition, they can advise you on how to protect yourself from some of the most frequent sports-related injuries.

    10. Managing Diabetes

    Exercise is crucial in a diabetes treatment plan since it aids in the control of blood sugar levels in the body. Diabetics may have problems with feeling in their legs, which is where a physiotherapist may help: they can educate the patient on how to care for their feet and avoid future problems. In many medical situations, physiotherapy improves functional independence and movement. You can request a home visit from a physiotherapist and receive treatment in the privacy of your own home.

    These are the few reasons to visit a physiotherapist. You may make a list of physiotherapists in Kanpur to find one that best suits your needs. But if you are looking for the best physiotherapist in Kanpur, visit Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital.

    Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital is associated with the best physiotherapist in Kanpur. Not only this, but we also have lady doctors, especially for patients who are looking for lady physiotherapists in Kanpur. Physiotherapy at home also has a lot of advantages, such as privacy and convenience. So if you have any kind of injury or any other disorders, you can not travel to the hospital but are looking for physiotherapy at home in Kanpur, then call and schedule an appointment with the experts at our hospital.

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