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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Common Piles Symptoms

    • Discomfort During Bowel Movements
    • Discomfort When Sitting
    • Itching, Pain, Swelling, Bleeding In Or Around Anus
    • Itching, Pain, Swelling, Bleeding In Rectum
    • Lump That Can Be Felt Around Anus

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Piles is a condition that is marked by swollen veins in your anus and your lower rectum. Did you know, nearly 1 in 40 Indians are affected by this condition? While many individuals crack jokes about it, you will realize the jokes are not funny if you are one among millions of people suffering from piles. Nearly 50% of the people affected by piles are over the age of 50. Piles can affect internally and externally with internal piles affecting the inside of your anus or your rectum.

    Some people may feel shy to talk about it with their doctor. But piles is a prevalent problem faced by many people, and your doctor won’t be surprised if you talk about it. As a resident of Kanpur, instead of feeling shy and suffering the bleeding caused by the condition, seek consultation with a piles Dr in Kanpur.

    Piles are generally caused by pressure in your lower rectum or the anus. It can also be caused by trauma. When the blood flow to the anus is limited, the veins bulge and push out, resulting in piles.

    The pressure or trauma leading to piles is caused by

    • Pregnancy
    • Obesity
    • Chronic constipation
    • Chronic diarrhoea
    • Strain caused by bowel movements
    • Sitting on the toilet seat for an extended period.
    • Frequently lifting heavy things.
    • Eating food that is low in fibre.
    • Anal infection
    • Anal sex

    If you are a Kanpur resident and experiencing bleeding in your lower rectum or the anus which is caused from any of the above mentioned causes then look for a piles specialist in Kanpur who can help you ease the bleeding.

    Piles become more apparent when you age as the connective tissue that holds internal piles within the rectum weakens. It allows the veins to prolapse or bulge through your anus, causing bleeding. If you are a resident of Kanpur and suffer immense bleeding in your anus and the surrounding area, you may seek medical attention from an experienced piles Dr in Kanpur.

    Most people are confused when they experience bleeding in the anus and rectum. If you are wondering when to see a doctor, it is ideal to consult with one when

    • bleeding or bleeding is severe.
    • You have no control over bowel movements, and you start to soil yourself with stool.
    • Piles keep returning
    • You experience itching, bleeding, and bleeding.

    It would be ideal to consult with a doctor when your symptoms are mild. If you are a resident of Kanpur with aggravating piles symptoms, you can undergo treatment from some of the best piles specialist doctors in Kanpur offering their services at our hospital.

    Piles is a health condition that affects both men and women, if you are a woman looking for a lady piles doctor, you can book an appointment at our hospital as we have some of the best piles specialist lady doctors in Kanpur offering their services at Ujala Cygnus.

    Did you know, piles can be treated by your general physician? Your doctor may recommend consulting with a piles specialist such as a gastroenterologist or a colorectal surgeon when your condition gets severe.

    These specialists can offer more advanced treatments like rubber band ligation, haemorrhoid stapling, sclerotherapy, and hemorrhoidectomy. Dizziness, fainting, and a large amount of bleeding from the rectum are considered an emergency. In such cases, seek medical attention immediately. If you are a Kanpur resident seeking this type of emergency medical attention, our team of piles and fissure specialist doctors in Kanpur can help you.

    Remember, rectal bleeding does not always mean that you have piles. There are other conditions that lead to rectal bleeding, dizziness and fainting, such as fissures. If you live in Kanpur and you are diagnosed with fissures, you may want to look for some of the best fissure doctors in Kanpur instead of a piles specialist.

    Small haemorrhoids or piles clear up within a few days and do not need medical intervention. But large haemorrhoids take longer and may need medical attention. If you experience bleeding and discomfort, you are advised to consult with a doctor at piles hospital. A consultation with a piles specialist will help you ease the bleeding and discomfort without surgical intervention.

    Piles may sometimes be recurrent, which is considered high risk and may last for a long time. Laxative abuse, ageing muscle, chronic constipation or diarrhoea, pregnancy are some of the factors that make it difficult for piles to heal.

    Are you suffering from chronic piles? If you are looking for one of the best piles hospitals in Kanpur to treat chronic piles, you may want to connect with Ujala Cygnus Hospital Kanpur, as we are widely recognised for having some of the best piles doctors in Kanpur.

    Piles can sometimes get severe, and you may need surgical intervention. As one of the most cost-effective hospitals in Kanpur, we understand that piles operation costs in Kanpur is governed by several factors that may not be suitable for all patients. We take pride in offering very affordable piles treatment costs to our patients.

    While piles is not a serious condition, don’t fail to see your doctor if

    • You experience bleeding and discomfort in the anal area.
    • You experience bleeding while passing stool.
    • You have piles that do not go away after a week of self-care
    • You feel tired and dizzy.
    • You experience rectal bleeding.

    Rectal bleeding may be something other than piles. You may want to consult with a specialist doctor who can diagnose the problem. If you are looking for any of the best doctors for piles in Kanpur, take an appointment at Ujala Cygnus Hospital, our expert piles specialists offer diagnosis and most suitable treatment for piles.

    Our Hospital is advanced, and our doctors are regularly trained to ensure they are up-to-date with technological advances. Piles are a common affliction that affects many people and our hospital is proud to have empanelled some of the best piles doctors in Kanpur.

    Piles or haemorrhoids, when left untreated, may cause severe bleeding and irritation. If you suffer from mild piles, your doctor may recommend laser treatment. At Ujala Cygnus, we provide piles laser treatment in Kanpur at affordable costs.

    We understand the need for different types of treatment for different conditions. A person experiencing the symptoms of pain in anal area or rectum could also be suffering from fistula and not piles. After the diagnosis you will need treatment from an expert fistula doctor in Kanpur. Along with state-of-the-art equipment we offer one of the best fistula treatments in Kanpur. Call us, and let us offer you good health!

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