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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Paediatrician is a health specialist who takes care of newborns, children, and teens. They look into the health status of their patients by performing diagnostic tests. The test results help in creating a treatment plan for their patients. In addition, a paediatrician treats children who suffer from injuries, health disorders, and have psychological growth and development concerns.

    A paediatrician looks into children’s injuries and often guides parents or guardians regarding their child’s diet plan. Moreover, they also suggest healthcare and hygiene tips to prevent diseases and promote overall growth.

    The role of a paediatrician include:

    1. Adolescent health specialist

    Adolescent health specialists treat young adults and teens between 11 to 21 years. They take care of the emotional, behavioural, and physical needs of teens and young adults. Teens and younger adults face many societal, academic, and other pressures that impact their emotional and mental well being. An adolescent health specialist takes care of their issues and guides them towards a better tomorrow. They also treat reproductive and mental health issues of their patients.

    An adolescent health specialist treats issues related to growth and development, anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity and eating disorders, nutrition, learning and attention problems, skin conditions, orthopaedic issues etc.

    2. Pediatric allergist

    Children can develop seasonal allergies and other immunity-related issues easily. A paediatric allergist diagnoses the allergy-causing agents and treats them to improve a child’s immunity. If a child has weak immunity, they may face seasonal allergies. Moreover, dust, pollens, pet dander, and foods might cause allergies and sometimes lead to serious health complications. A weak immune system may lead to hives, hay fever, diarrhoea, asthma, sinusitis, and pneumonia.

    A paediatric allergist uses diagnostic tests to know the exact causes of the allergies and make a treatment plan for its cure and prevention. Allergic treatments may include pointing to the causes of allergies and avoiding contact with allergy-causing agents. Moreover, immunotherapy and prescribed medications can help in strengthening the immune system.

    3. Paediatric cardiologist

    A paediatric cardiologist treats children with heart ailments. They work in a team with heart surgeons and other specialists and diagnose a child accurately. However, each case differs in magnitude and hence requires an individualised treatment plan.

    4. Paediatric emergency physician

    A paediatric emergency physician treats children and teens who require immediate medical attention due to trauma, serious health complications, or illness. They prevent children and teens from life-threatening diseases. They usually treat children and teens with high fever, infections, pain, difficulties in breathing, and asthma. Moreover, they also treat animal and insect bites that can be fatal for a patient.

    5. Neonatologist

    Neonatologists are trained experts who work to prevent health complications in newborns. These specialists usually take care of newborns admitted to intensive care units or specialised wards in a hospital. If a baby has developed complications in the mother’s womb, a neonatologist teams up with an obstetrician and takes care of the baby during pregnancy.

    A neonatologist takes care of a premature child who needs support for their survival. They evaluate a newborn’s medical condition and treat the disorders. In addition, they are trained to handle complications related to congenital disabilities, breathing disorders, and allergies.

    Newborns and children need special attention when they have any disorder. It is because they are unable to communicate their discomfort properly. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a paediatrician for their treatment. If you are a Kashipur resident, you can make a list of child specialists in Kashipur and choose the one best suited to you.

    If you wish to get your child’s symptoms diagnosed by a paediatrician, you may look for a child specialist in Kashipur Uttarakhand or visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital to consult with one of the best child specialists in Kashipur. We have a team of medical experts trained in child care. Our paediatric care team has some of the best pediatric doctors in Kashipur.

    If you want a consultation with one of the best child specialist doctors in Kashipur, call us and schedule an appointment today!

    A paediatrician is a trained medical expert who understands your baby’s health and helps in their growth and development. Therefore, choosing a paediatrician is a crucial decision for you and your child. Moreover, you need to keep your convenience in mind before choosing a paediatrician.

    Here are a few things that you can consider while choosing a paediatrician.


    The clinic’s location is a crucial factor to be considered while deciding on a paediatrician. At times, you may need immediate medical attention, and when you have a specialist right by your side, it makes your work easier. In addition, a paediatrician can provide the needed medical assistance to your child from their birth to adolescence. You may ask the following questions before finalising a paediatrician.

    • How much distance do I need to travel for my child’s medical needs? Does any paediatrician live near my house?
    • Does the clinic’s timing match my schedule?
    • Whom should I contact when the clinic is closed? Is there any alternate contact number?

    These questions will let you decide if a paediatrician’s practice matches your schedule.


    A good paediatrician gives you an honest reply and listens to your concern carefully. Moreover, they understand your child’s needs. Having a discussion with them can help bust myths and reduce the fear that most new parents have. They provide correct information at the right time and take the onus of your child’s growth and development. Therefore, it is better to have an open discussion with them to convey your needs and priorities. Some of the questions that you can ask include:

    • What are the fundamental values your paediatrician follows?
    • Is there a match between your priorities and preferences and their values?
    • Can you have a look at their office and meet their team before delivery?

    These questions can help you determine the values of your paediatrician.


    Consider the expertise of your paediatrician before finalising them. You can look at their certificates to see if they are board-certified in paediatrics. You may ask them about their specialised training and access if they can fulfil your family’s needs. Some questions that you may ask include:

    • Are they associated with any other multispeciality hospital for healthcare networks?
    • Can they assist your family in other medical requirements like surgery and speciality care?

    Asking the question mentioned above will help you understand if you can rely on them regarding other medical emergencies.

    However, if you want to consult with one of the top 10 child specialists in Kashipur, you may contact Ujala Cygnus Hospital. While many pediatric doctors can fulfil your child’s needs, you can call us and book an appointment if you need to consult with one of the best pediatricians in Kashipur. In addition to paediatricians, we also have some of the best pediatric surgeons from Kashipur who are trained and experienced in performing various surgeries to help your little one overcome the symptoms.

    Starting a new family is a huge responsibility. It requires extra care, and as a new parent, you may have to sacrifice your wants and needs for your child. In addition to these changes, you have to look at the health of your child. If you want to give the best medical facilities to your newborn, you may contact child specialist hospitals in Kashipur.

    At Ujala Cygnus Hospital, we have empanelled some of the best child doctors from Kashipur. Therefore, you may contact us if you wish to connect with top child specialists in Kashipur.

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