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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our team of neurologists in Moradabad focus on providing exceptional neuro care to all the residents of Moradabad and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    Services Offered At Ujala Cygnus Hospital Moradabad

    Our doctors provide a wide range of neurological treatments & surgeries.

    Conditions We Treat

    • Sciatica
    • Parkinson
    • Epilepsy/Fits/Seizure
    • Dementia (Alzheimer’s)
    • Brain Tumour
    • Stroke
    • Spine Disorders
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Brain Aneurysms / AVM
    • Cerebral Palsy & Spasticity

    Brain Surgeries

    • Head Injuries – EDH, SDH, Contusions etc.
    • Intracranial Tumours
    • Skull Base Surgery
    • Paediatric Surgery
    • Epilepsy Surgery
    • Hydrocephalus Surgery

    Spine Surgeries

    • Cervical & Lumbar Disc Surgeries
    • Degenerative Spine Surgeries
    • Surgeries For Spine Tumours
    • Spinal Injuries & Fractures

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    Ayushmaan Bharat Gold Certified

    Ayushmaan Bharat
    Gold Certified

    NABH certified


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    Manik Singh
    I was suffering from a severe migraine, so I decided to visit Ujala Cygnus hospital as they have the best neurologists in Moradabad. Their medications and treatment helped reduce the pain significantly.
    Prachi Srivastava
    My father was suffering from epilepsy, so I searched for a neurologist in Moradabad online. I chose Ujala Cygnus based on the reviews and ratings, and their experienced neurologist is treating my father. His condition is improving with time.
    Mina Chaturvedi
    I was looking for the best neurologist doctor in Moradabad, and I selected Ujala Cygnus hospital for my treatment. Their well-qualified doctor immensely helped me recover, and I recommend them to everyone.
    Pranav Kumar
    I was suffering from a neurological disorder, and I got my treatment done in Ujala Cygnus hospital as they have excellent neuro physicians in Moradabad. They also have great facilities for treatment at affordable prices.
    Prashant Sinha
    I wanted a reliable neurologist doctor in Moradabad for treating my problem. I chose Ujala Cygnus after a friend recommended it to me. They indeed provided the best treatment, and I recovered quickly.
    Nishtha Raj
    I was suffering from frequent headaches, so I wanted to consult a neurologist in Moradabad. I visited Ujala Cygnus hospital, and their expert doctor prescribed me medications, after which I was able to recover from the headaches.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Neurologists are the specialists to consult if you are undergoing conditions like memory loss, tremors, problems in body balance, pain or frequent headaches, etc. They are the experts in analysing and managing issues concerned with the brain and nerves. In this blog, you will understand the works of a neurologist in detail and will get answers to the most commonly asked questions about neurologists and their field of work.

    Are you looking for the best neurologist in Moradabad? You should visit Ujala Cygnus hospitals, as apart from having wonderful facilities and modern technologies, we also have one of the best neurologists in Moradabad. We prioritise the best treatment and ensure successful results. Moreover, we have a great location, easily accessible from any part of the city.

    Neurologists are the allopathy and osteopathy doctors who analyse neurology and work on treating problems that affect the brain, nerves, spinal cord and muscles. Some problems that neurologists treat are:

    • Migraines and frequent headaches.
    • Concussions.
    • Parkinson’s disease.
    • Stroke.
    • Epilepsy.
    • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
    • Alzheimer’s disease.

    Your nerves and the brain are quite sensitive. So you may want to see the best neurologist doctor in Moradabad for your treatment. Ujala Cygnus is the ideal choice for you because we have one of the best neurologists in Moradabad who can give the right medications to help you recover quickly.

    Neurologists analyse the cause of neurological problems, recommend medications based on the problem and diagnose your condition. They also conduct physical examinations and tests in the lab and determine the treatment for a particular disorder. A neurologist can treat patients belonging to every age group, and you can consult them in hospitals or clinics.

    A neurological analysis examines the nervous system of a person and closely studies the nerves and brain. During the first examination, instruments like a reflex hammer or penlight can be used. Other things that the neurologists analyse are:

    • Speech.
    • Motor skills.
    • Eyesight and extraocular muscles.
    • Coordination.
    • Strength.
    • Reflexes.

    Based on the results of the evaluation conducted in the laboratories, the neurologist may ask for further tests like:

    • Blood and urine tests.
    • MRI or CT scans to verify the condition of your brain.
    • ECG for looking into the functioning of the brain.
    • EMG to detect problems in the communication of nerves and muscles.
    • Tensilon test to detect Myasthenia Gravis problems.

    If you are looking for a neuro physician in Moradabad, you can visit Ujala Cygnus hospital. We have expert doctors who ensure successful results.

    A lot of hard work is required to undertake a path leading to a career in neurology. To begin, you must first complete a bachelor’s degree in college. After this, you can obtain a degree from the Osteopathic Medical Program (D.O Degree) or an Allopathic Medical Program (M.D Degree). The courses require 4 years to complete, and then you have to undergo a preliminary year. The preliminary year is devoted to training in hospitals in several specialities. After this, you can go for a neurology residency training program. The programs last for 3 years and are connected to a hospital or medical school. After completing the training, the aspiring neurologist should pass the board health examinations to become a fully-qualified neurologist. You have the option of completing a fellowship lasting for a year, which enables the neurologist to gain more expertise and experience.

    Neurologists can treat several disorders affecting patients of every age. The 5 most common ailments treated by neurologists are:

    • Headache: There are different types of headaches ranging from migraine headaches, cluster headaches and tension headaches. All of these kinds of headaches can cause extreme pain and affect your daily life. A neurologist can reduce the frequency of headaches and prescribe medicines for the treatment.
    • Epilepsy or seizures: Epilepsy or seizures can be a hereditary disorder or may be acquired. It occurs due to abnormalities in the brain and interferes with your daily life. It might even cause severe damage to the brain. Neurologists can recommend medications to treat the problem.
    • Stroke: It is a sudden emergency in which the blood cannot reach the brain. Immediate treatment by a neurologist can prevent excess brain damage.
    • Dementia: It is a severe medical condition including memory loss and disability in problem-solving skills or critical thinking. Neurologists can treat the condition by recommending certain medications.
    • Parkinson’s disease: It is a disorder in which there is a lack of production of a hormone called dopamine. It results in tremors, stiffness and changes in critical thinking. Neurologists can prescribe medications that help in treating this disorder.

    If you are suffering from a neurological disorder and want to get treated by one of the top neurologists in Moradabad, you should visit Ujala Cygnus hospital. You can consult experienced doctors who will give the medications for quick recovery at an affordable price.

    Despite treating brain and nervous system disorders, neurologists and neurosurgeons are two different doctors. Neurologists undergo a 4-year training and specialise in treating neurological problems without any surgery. On the other hand, neurosurgeons have to undergo a 7-year training process and perform treatment of neurological problems with the help of surgery. Both the doctors will help in treating the same disorders, but a neurologist will prescribe medicine, whereas a neurosurgeon will perform surgery.

    Neurologists work in hospitals or a clinic, but neurosurgeons spend most of their time in the hospital operating centres or clinics, taking care of the patients awaiting surgery or who just had undergone it.

    At Ujala Cygnus Hospital, you can find excellent neurologists in Moradabad with affordable prices.

    Covid-19 has affected jobs across the country since it began in 2020. Due to this, the hospitals have experienced a significant decrease in the number of patients since the pandemic started. The decline in revenue resulted in the hospitals laying off most of their employees and healthcare workers. Around 9% of the independent clinics reported having closed their practices temporarily. In addition, remote patient engagement has increased drastically due to the social distancing protocols.

    As neurologists practise independently, they had to make dramatic changes in their practices to prevent their centres from closing. Telemedicine has helped in the increase in revenue, but some patients refuse to consult the neurologists virtually. But with time, the neurologists will surely bounce back.

    If you look for a neurologist in Moradabad online, you will find Ujala Cugnus hospital, and you can easily check the remarkable reviews and ratings.

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