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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our team of Physiotherapists In Rewari focus on providing exceptional physio care to all the residents of Rewari and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Physiotherapy helps in maintaining and restoring your health. The services are provided by healthcare experts who are trained in physiotherapy.

    You can meet a physiotherapist if you have:

    1. Recurring Pain

    If you have met with an accident or faced an injury, you may feel pain in the affected area until the tissues heal entirely. In some cases, like a sprained ankle, the pain may last for a few weeks. The pain reduces gradually once the ligament gets into the healing process. However, some people experience recurring pain in their joints and other body parts. The pain becomes chronic and affects their daily lives. Some of the examples include lower back and neck pain.

    A physiotherapist looks into the pain points and examines the reasons for the pain. Moreover, they formulate a treatment plan to solve your problems permanently. The treatment includes exercises and giving proper rest to the body.

    2. Difficulty In Balancing Your Body

    Your inner ear has a crucial role to play in balancing your body. Any abnormality in the inner ear can lead to vertigo, dizziness, and inability to hold your body firmly. A physiotherapist uses vestibular rehabilitation to treat inner ear issues. After examining the disorder, a physiotherapist makes a rehabilitation plan for you. The treatment consists of several exercises for your head, eye, and neck.

    3. Pain While Sitting

    You may feel headaches and backaches after sitting for too long at your desk. When you hold a position for a long time, your muscles and joints may become stiff. The stiffness can result in pain, and hence it is recommended to take short breaks between your work schedule and move your body. A physiotherapist can give you tips on maintaining a correct posture when sitting for long hours.

    4. Mobility Issues

    If you experience mobility or flexibility issues, you can contact a physiotherapist for your consultation. For example, if you cannot touch your toes or bend your back, you can visit a physiotherapist for a checkup. They may suggest different stretching exercises to strengthen the tissues and relax the muscles.

    5. Issues With Urine Discharge

    Urine discharge in an uncontrolled manner is a common issue in women. The situation becomes more grave as you age. You may see a change in your urination habit. It is because of two primary urine incontinence, namely, urge and stress incontinence. You can control these situations by following the pelvic floor exercises suggested by a physiotherapist.

    6. Neurological Disorders

    If you have sustained a stroke recently, you may need extreme physiotherapy support to learn mobility and flexibility skills. A physiotherapist helps you in suggesting exercises to increase muscle flexibility.

    7. Prescribed Medications Do Not Work On You

    If you have suffered an injury and the prescribed medication does not show effective results in your condition, you may opt to see a physiotherapist.

    8. Sports Injury

    If you are an athlete, you may get accidental sports injuries. At that time, a physiotherapist plays a crucial role. They formulate a treatment plan for you and also help in avoiding further sports injuries.

    9. Diabetes

    If you have diabetes, you need to keep your body active. It is because exercises help in maintaining your blood sugar levels. In addition, diabetes patients may feel a sensation in their feet, and a physiotherapist helps educate a person regarding the foot injury and how to manage it.

    You can either visit a physiotherapy clinic or call a physiotherapist at your home for the treatment. If you wish to call physiotherapy at home in Rewari, you can contact Ujala Cygnus Hospital. We also have the most well-equipped and best physiotherapy centre in Rewari.

    At Ujala Cygnus Hospital, you can find some of the best physiotherapists from Rewari. You can book your consultation through a call or visit our website. In addition, we cater to your gender needs as well. We have some of the best lady physiotherapists of Rewari in our team who can cater to the medical needs of patients.

    In addition to the conditions mentioned above, you may need a physiotherapist in the following conditions.

    1. Pregnancy

    You may feel aches and discomfort in the lower back during pregnancy. Moreover, the additional weight makes you change your posture frequently. Therefore, it is better to see a physiotherapist to take care of your pains and aches.

    2. Sleep Apnea

    You may face issues like sleep apnea and excessive snoring while sleeping. A physiotherapist can help you in such situations by widening the channels and providing relaxation to your body.

    3. If You Don’t Want To Undergo Surgery

    If surgery is the only option to control your intense pain, you can consult a physiotherapist before surgery. They can help you in your after-surgery recovery by suggesting the right exercises.

    If you want to restore your health, as a Rewari resident, you may consider visiting a physiotherapy clinic in Rewari. Moreover, you can look for a list of physiotherapists in Rewari on the internet whom you can call and schedule an appointment.

    Are you looking for a Rewari physiotherapy centre for your treatment? Then, you may contact Ujala Cygnus Hospital.

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