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8 Ways to Help Children Value Cultural Diversity

To her, parenting is believing, a process to pass on our values to our children. Helping children to develop their identity is regarded as an important task in her parenting. This is also why she and her American husband transferred her child from a Dutch local school to an international school. She tried to help her child acquire an identity of being a global citizen and minimize possible identity confusion. Language is another great way to open doors to other cultures and communities. Like travel, learning another language is a wonderful addition but it is in no way a requirement for multicultural parenting.

  • Highlight School SuccessesFamilies cannot be expected to place trust in schools and teachers about whom they know very little.
  • This interview provided me with plenty of insights about how a child, and later an adult, can feel about growing up in a multicultural environment.
  • “Encouraging your kids to watch tv shows, movies, and follow social influencers who resemble them aids in their feeling of belonging,” she says.
  • Although there are few studies on trust to date, these and other sources provide us with an understanding of why trust is so important in building relationships and suggest ways in which schools can build trust.
  • In Tokyo, there are virtually no resources, books or schools for Macedonian.

When talking to each other, they switch between Japanese and Macedonian easily. They seem to be on the right path to enjoy this world and its diversity. As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. When your child enters school, you and the school become partners in what you both hope will be the successful development and education of your child. Years of research show that the more families are actively involved in the education of their children, the more successful the child will be in school and in life. This handout will give you some tips for creating a positive and productive partnership.

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Though the strategies and programs may differ Filipino women for marriage in design and purpose, each seeks to build strong partnerships with families. Assess the Level of Trust in the School CommunitySelecting an assessment tool is a good place to start . Discuss perceptions of current school-family relationships with teachers, administrators, students, parents, and other family members; identify specific barriers to trust in your community; and solicit input from all parties on ways to address them. Family and community involvement that is linked to student learning has a greater effect on achievement than more general forms of involvement. To be effective, the form of involvement should be focused on improving achievement and be designed to engage families and students in developing specific knowledge and skills (p. 38). In most cases, such trust is built over time, based on sustained interactions between the parties in question. “In the absence of prior contact,” Bryk and Schneider assert, families and educators “may rely on the general reputation of the other and also on commonalities of race, gender, age, religion, or upbringing” to assess a new person’s trustworthiness.

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Throughout Los Angeles, couples made up of first-generation immigrants and the children of immigrants are linking cultures from Iran, Thailand, Cambodia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Mexico and many others. We think that what is lacking in racial conversation is equality. You can distinguish the differences and still treat everyone equally. We make an effort to point out ethnicity in their true nature. Seeing family cultures that are different and similar to their own normalizes diversity for them. For example, my sister is married to a Greek , whereas my older brother married a Filipino.

Conversely, different parenting cognitions and practices may serve the same function in different cultural contexts. When different parenting cognitions or practices serve different functions in different settings, it is evidence for cultural specificity.

Since many of us were taught not to talk about diversity, we don’t; leaving our kids just as lost as we were. Yet, our children are living in a world where diversity cannot be ignored.

Can’t I just ignore diversity and tell my child we are all the same?

We decided to go with direct communication and reading, no TV,” Takako says. Parents answering questions about the importance of school involvement, how to be involved in your child’s education, wishes, barriers, and tips. To advocate effectively for your child , and make good decisions about your child’s education, you need to have important information from the school. School records, such as test scores, report cards, or behavior reports, all contain information for making educational decisions. Keeping track of school paperwork is an important part of parent involvement.

Also, modeling good behavior and proper etiquette when interacting with people from different cultures can help build your child’s confidence and social skills. By teaching your child about the importance of culture and diversity, you’re helping them make a foundation for a successful future. Therefore, when working with blended families, it’s especially important to look at the entire family system. Family systems theory recognizes that individuals are better understood as part of their family, the emotional unit, rather than individually. Families are interconnected with each member having their own role and rules. Members in the system interact and respond to one another in particular ways that align with “relationship agreements” .

I also think that my institution has some family-friendly policies that not all universities have. They automatically add a year to the tenure clock — for men and women — if you have a biological child or adopt a child in the pre-tenure window. It’s not something you have to ask for; they just do it automatically to give you more time. They also opened an infant room in the Child Development lab on campus which was only available for tenure stream faculty. So we got my son into the infant room at the age of six months.

Others may feel intimidated by parents or worry that involving parents more directly in the classroom will be a waste of time. These general considerations of universals and specifics lead to a logic model that contrasts form with function in parenting.

When we had our first son and then our second son, we wanted to foster a diverse culture for both boys and teach them everything about each of our mixed cultures. Hi Dr. Cha-Hsuan Liu, it was very good reading back your Take Away and a good reminder of what we discussed about and points of view shared. Very helpful to read back how different parents have their own ideas of how to raise their offspring. Nothing beats seeing the kids so comfortable in different cultural contexts and seeing them pick up your native language. By bringing their cultural learning to life through something active and makes use of their senses can be a really fun and engaging way to get them to try new things. And one of the key ways to do that is to make sure they learn and stay connected to their cultural roots, and at the same time, respecting the cultural context they are growing up in. I could just about imagine the faces of my Pakistani parents during my wedding!

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