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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Different oncologists can help you with cancer treatment. If you need to book an appointment with an oncologist, you may see the following:

    1. Medical Oncologists

    Medical oncologists are often regarded as primary cancer doctors. They treat cancer using targeted treatments that include chemotherapy and hormonal and biological therapies. In addition, medical oncologists help you in managing cancer’s side effects and possible risks.

    2. Radiation Oncologists

    Radiation oncologists use photon beams to control cancer spread. These high-energy beams destroy the malign cells. Almost 50% of cancer patients undergo radiation therapy to control cancer.

    3. Surgical Oncologists

    Generally, your physician refers you to a surgical oncologist if they suspect you have cancer. Therefore, your first cancer diagnosis is made by surgical oncologists. These oncologists perform biopsies to check cancerous cell’s spread. If cancer’s presence is confirmed, you have to book an appointment with a surgical oncologist to remove the tumour and other cancerous tissues.

    4. Pediatric Oncologists

    Pediatric oncologists treat children who have cancer. Moreover, a part of their job involves educating the families of these children about cancer care. Cancer affects almost 175,000 children under the age of 15 every year. Therefore, it is essential to spread awareness about pediatric cancer.

    5. Gynecologic Oncologists

    A gynecologic oncologist treats cancer that affects a woman’s reproductive system. They treat cancer that spreads to the ovaries, vagina, uterine, and vulva. In addition, they treat non-cancerous complications that affect a woman, like endometriosis and fibroid tumours.

    6. Haematologist Oncologists

    Haematologist oncologists specialise in treating blood cancers like leukaemia and lymphoma. Moreover, they treat non-cancerous blood disorders like sickle cell anaemia and haemophilia.

    Oncologists are cancer specialists who have the expertise and knowledge to treat a cancer patient. For the best cancer treatment, you may contact some of the best oncologists in your area.

    If you live in Varanasi, you may contact the best oncologist in Varanasi for cancer care. Alternatively, you can look for a cancer specialist in Varanasi at Ujala Cygnus Hospital.

    At Ujala Cygnus Hospital, we empanelled some of the best cancer doctors in Varanasi in our cancer care team. These doctors are specialists in treating cancer patients. So if you want to get your symptoms diagnosed by some of the best oncologists in Varanasi, you can call us to book your appointment.

    You may be nervous at your first appointment with an oncologist. However, to calm yourself, you may follow the tips mentioned below.

    • It is always better to have company during your oncology appointment. You can bring your family members or friends with you. They help you relax and provide support during the consultation. Moreover, they can jot down the points that are discussed in the consultation.
    • Always carry your medical records with you. Take the reports of all the imaging scans with you.

    It is essential to be calm before visiting a cancer specialist. If you want an appointment with an oncologist in Varanasi, you may contact Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital.

    Your first oncology consultation may last longer as an oncologist will ask you questions on your general health. Moreover, you can expect the following things during your first appointment.

    • Physical examination: Your oncologist will perform a physical examination to check your health condition.
    • Additional tests: You may need to undergo additional tests like imaging scans and blood work.
    • An early prognosis: Your oncologist may discuss the treatment plan and recovery timeline with you.
    • Meeting with other specialists: You may meet other cancer care team members, and they may discuss the treatment options and costs with you.
    • Emotional surge: You may feel numb or depressed once you get to know that you have cancer.

    During your first appointment, you may ask the following questions to your oncologist:

    • What can you expect from the test results?
    • Are there any side effects of the medications?
    • What is the success rate of cancer treatment?
    • When can you return to your routine?

    Asking these questions can clear your concerns about cancer treatment. You may book an appointment with an oncologist in Varanasi and ask these questions. It is essential to choose a good cancer specialist for your treatment. If you are a Varanasi resident, you may look for the best cancer doctor in Varanasi or visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital.

    Your oncologist might perform a physical examination to check cancer’s possibility. Moreover, they may ask you to undergo imaging scans and blood and urine tests. In addition, biopsies may be performed to look for cancerous cells.

    The tests must be performed accurately with utmost precision. You can undergo the tests in consultation with a cancer specialist doctor. You may ask your primary care doctor to refer you to a cancer specialist in Varanasi, or you may contact Ujala Cygnus Hospital for your cancer treatment under the supervision of some of the best cancer doctors in Varanasi.

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